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Webedia publishes chart-topping games and apps. We deliver and promote the most engaging digital experiences to the widest audience.


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Our mission is to entertain all kinds of players all over the world! We want to bring the most fun and positive experiences to people who want to relax or be challenged.


You are Creators, we are Publishers, let’s work Together

Do you have a game you believe will be a hit? We want to help you spread your creativity to reach as many players as possible!

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At Webedia, we’re experts in marketing and monetization after pushing the digital marketing limits for the past 10 years. Our dedicated team will be able to boost your audience and optimize monetization, while you focus on making your game the best it can be.
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More than anything, we value ownership and respect for IP. Webedia partners with many renowned companies that work to the highest ethical standards. We will share all data and information with you and discuss the results of your game together. We use our tools to best meet your needs.
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We value long term partnerships. We will share our understanding of the market and its trends with you. Together, we will discuss how to make your game, and future games, the best they can be, from gameplay to marketing. Webedia’s range of services will open the door to deeper collaboration, sharing access to prominent influencers and creating top level exposure.

We want to offer our expertise to promising games

Our publishing team will be at your service for quick and seamless onboarding with our simple but efficient publishing process. All steps are easy to understand, and will make the partnership focus on what matters: success!

The WebediaGames publishing team is available and easily reachable for all kinds of events. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can get to work on your request immediately, preparing a fast first look including tests to help you understand your game’s strengths and potential.

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Webedia is a global media and technology company specializing in the recreation and entertainment industries. Content production, social influence, data and technology are our keys to creating emotional experiences to make brands stand out and creating added value.

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